Engineered for the intensity of today’s environment, R2P doors are created using the most advanced military-grade materials, tested using the most extreme standards and customizable to meet any government / commercial / residential security needs and architectural preferences.

Are you doing all you can to protect your most valuable assets?

While other solutions address the aftereffects of shootings, R2P's doors begin protecting at the moment a shooting occurs. Simply lock the door and save lives.

R2P's ballistic-resistant protective doors quickly turn a classroom, office or meeting space into a safe room that shields occupants with a lifesaving barrier.

Our doors are built to fit in a standard doorway, open and shut easily, perform without ongoing maintenance and operating costs, and provide a permanent lifesaving solution.

No one else makes a protective door that does as much for less. R2P's doors are lighter, more attractive, technologically advanced and customizable to suit a variety of security needs.



Commercial Level 8 Door

Provides high-powered assault rifle protection

Easy to open, close, and use daily

Installs directly into existing frame with no modifications

Requires zero build and/or engineering structure changes

Available in a wide variety of finishes and designs

Customizable and scalable for mass implementation in all doorways

Engineered from state-of-the-art anti-ballistic materials

Priced for widespread adoption

R2P doors are proudly 
custom-engineered in the USA,
with global availability.

Diplomatic security service OSAC

R2P is honored to be a
member of the Overseas
Security Advisory Council.

R2P is honored to be a
member of the Society of 
American Military Engineers.

R2P doors are built to
WDMA I.S. 1A and
AWI Section 1300 standards.