World's Most Advanced Protective School Doors

R2P doors are the most innovative, safest, versatile ballistic doors on the market. Able to withstand even the most aggressive military assault rifles.
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What We Do

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Our Most Precious Assets

We are a socially responsible organization based in Charleston, South Carolina. As experts with many years of military experience combined, we developed a lightweight and cost effective barrier, a ballistic school door, that can be installed as a protective measure against ballistic assaults, or active shooters in schools. 

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to protect our nation’s children. Our goal is to work with government officials, school administrators, corporations, and individuals to provide impenetrable protection against active shooter threats.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with government officials and educators to provide impenetrable protection against active shooter threats in our schools. We believe it is our responsibility to introduce technology that provides a safe environment inside school walls.

Irrefutable Expertise

Tony Deering, chairman and CEO, has dedicated 20 years to providing world class steel fabricated products to both commercial and military customers. Deering was actively involved in critical defense programs during both Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and is regarded as a subject matter expert.

Extreme Protection

These Level-8 ballistic doors make any classroom a safe room in a matter of seconds.  The doors will defeat any commercially available assault rifle in the world, providing impenetrable protection against any clear and present danger in our schools today.

Cutting-edge Technology

R2P has worked with some of the foremost experts in the field of ballistics to develop the world’s most advanced protective classroom doors, providing a life-saving solution to deadly active shooter events where high-powered military grade assault rifles are used.

Proven Efficacy

R2P Doors offer UL725 Level 8 ballistic protection. Field tests have proven R2P doors can withstand 100+ assault rifle rounds to both the body of the door and the ballistic glass window with no bullet penetration to the classroom, protecting all who find themselves on the other side.

Cost Effective

R2P doors are considerably less expensive than other options, 50% lighter and fit into any existing school door frame. R2P doors swiftly turn any classroom into a “safe haven.” These highly protective doors offer up the last line of defense when all other protective measures have been exhausted.

Our Team



Chairman and CEO

Tony Deering serves as Chairman and CEO of R2P Innovations. He was an army officer in the South African military and a graduate of the Damelin School of Business. Tony has dedicated his last 20 working years to providing world-class steel fabricated products to both commercial and military customers.


General Counsel and COO

Robert Pearce serves as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of R2P Innovations. With over 30 years’ experience as a business leader and corporate attorney he has advised startup companies, handled mergers and acquisitions, and led debt and equity financings for growing companies.


Board Member

Michael Moody serves as a Board Member of R2P Innovations. He grew up in Australia where his career in banking and investments began. A graduate of Macquarie University in Sydney, Moody’s interest in working outside of Australia began with his appointment as International Investment Manager.

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