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Permanent Protection That Doesn’t Compromise Luxury

R2P luxury doors are the world’s most advanced ballistic doors. R2P doors swiftly turn your home or office into a safe haven in the event of an active shooter assault. These highly protective doors offer up the last line of defense when all other protective measures have been exhausted.

While R2P doors offer the highest levels of ballistic protection, they can be custom designed to blend discreetly into your home or office’s unique aesthetic. Our doors fit seamlessly into existing door openings and can be engineered with an extensive array of finishes and integrated security sub-systems. 

Irrefutable Expertise

Our CEO, Tony Deering, has dedicated many years providing critical blast and ballistic solutions to US and Coalition Forces around the world. He is regarded as a subject matter expert in the field of ballistic protection.

Extreme Protection

R2P Level-8 ballistic doors make your home or office safe in a matter of seconds. Our doors will defeat any available assault rifle in the world, providing impenetrable protection.

Luxury Aesthetics

R2P bespoke doors will be customized to fit into any door opening and can be finished to blend into the aesthetics of your home or office. We offer a multitude of exotic base materials, trims and finishes.

Cutting-edge Technology

We worked with the world’s foremost ballistics experts in developing our proprietary protective materials. Our doors provide a life-saving solution where high-powered military grade assault rifles are employed.

Proven Efficacy

R2P Doors offer UL725 Level 8 ballistic protection. Field tests have proven our doors can withstand 100+ assault rifle rounds with zero penetrations.

Peace of Mind

In a world of ever increasing chaos, R2P doors will provide peace of mind as a key component of your integrated security strategy, protecting you and those you hold most dear.

The World’s Most Advanced Ballistic Doors

The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates there are 3.7 million home invasions per year in the United States. That means one in 34 homes will be broken into this year.

In a world of ever increasing threat levels from workplace violence, social unrest, and organized crime, it’s important that your home or office is a safe haven for your family or employees. Our team of ballistic engineers and former military personnel have developed the last line of defense that will buy you and your dependents the critical time you need to avert tragedy.

How It Works

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the largest and most trusted independent nonprofit testing laboratory in the world, has determined eight levels of security for bullet-resistant systems.

While no body armor or ballistic resistant material or product has been created that is 100% bulletproof. R2P doors meet the UL752 Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment – Level 8 Paragraph 4.10.

R2P doors provide protection against levels 1 – 8 ballistic assaults, which include the following :

LEVEL 1: 9mm full metal copper jacket and lead core (Max fps 1293)

LEVEL 2: .357 Magnum Lead Soft Point Ammunition (Max fps 1375)

LEVEL 3: .44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked (Max fps 1485)

LEVEL 4: .30 Caliber Rifle Lead Core Soft Point (Max fps 2794)

LEVEL 5: 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (.308 Caliber) (Max fps 3025)

LEVEL 6: 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core (Max fps 1540)

LEVEL 7: 5.56 Rifle Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core (.223 Caliber) (Max fps 3383)

LEVEL 8: 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket Military Ball (.308 Caliber) (Max fps 3025)

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